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Mustafar Kingdom | Team Visionary Store

Mustafar Kingdom

  • Version: 1.8
  • Theme: Dragon / Hell
  • Size: 150×150
  • Type: Hub / Lobby
Circle of Life | Team Visionary Store

Circle of Life

Jump right into an old styled hub that we all have come to love with Circle of Life. This build features a huge hub area, which is perfect for those hub cosmetics and plenty of places for players to explore. It comes with eight portals, areas for NPCs and more.

Sweet Tooth Prison | Team Visionary Store

Sweet Tooth Prison

Have you got a sweet tooth? We sure do! Introducing Sweet Tooth Prison, a spawn designed for prison servers with a huge sweet tooth. Indulge yourself in this big 300×300 spawn with 2 mines, plenty of jail cells, areas for crates and NPCs and so much more.

Sweet Tooth Hub | Team Visionary Store

Sweet Tooth Hub

Do you love candy? We sure do! Sweet Tooth Hub is the perfect hub/lobby for servers who are based around a candy theme, since who doesn’t love candy.

SciFi Hub | Team Visionary Store

SciFi Hub

Want a futuristic build with a lot of functionality? SciFi Hub is the perfect build for you, it is a large 395×395 build with plenty to love! This build features large areas for your players to hang around, places for NPCs, shops and plenty more.

SciFi Spawn | Team Visionary

Sci-Fi Spawn

Looking for a high quality super cheap SciFi spawn? This is the perfect build for you! Featuring areas for crates, NPCs, food farming, rules and hang out areas + drop party areas. What isn’t to love about this map?

Zelda Skyblock | Team Visionary Store

Zelda Skyblock

If you love the game Zelda, you’ll love this map! Zelda skyblock is a skyblock focused spawn with a Zelda theme! This spawn is feature-packed with large spaces, areas for crates, NPCs, shops, leaderboards, rules and even drop parties. All for one great price.

Desert Palace | Team Visionary Store

Desert Palace

This beautiful tight-packed desert town is perfect for small servers who are looking for something desert themed. With places for crates, NPCs, shop areas and houses, this spawn has everything you need for a server.

Angelic Skies | Team Visionary Store

Angelic Skies

High in the skies, you’ll find this beautiful spawn, angelic skies are the perfect spawn for any server who is looking to be high in the clouds! This spawn features a shop area, partial house interiors, open spaces for drop parties and so much more.

Through the wormhole | Team Visionary Store

Through the Wormhole

This wacky space-themed map will have your players wowing at the pure awesomeness this map has to offer. It comes with many great features such as a place for crates, leaderboards, tutorial area, rule boards, outposts and a fully custom war zone.

Bright Orange | Team Visionary Store

Bright Orange

Jump right into our fantasy build, bright orange! This HCF spawn and map contains everything you need for an HCF server. Increased ore generation, places for crates, NPCs and plenty more!

Dragon Hub | Team Visionary Store

Dragon Hub

Version: 1.8, Size: 300×300


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