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Welcome to the Team Visionary Minecraft Shop. Please browse through our custom Minecraft Builds to see what ignites your creative side. We have added some fantastic examples such as Ocean Prison, Geisha Sanctuary, Dragon Hub and the awesome Angelic Skies.

Space Station Spawn | Team Visionary Build Shop

Space Station

Creating a space-themed server? Look no further for an awesome wacky spawn/lobby!

Ocean Prison | Team Visionary Store

Ocean Prison

Get your prison server up and running quickly with our premade ocean-themed prison setup!

Geisha Sanctuary | Team Visionary Store

Geisha Sanctuary

Get this Japanese templed themed hub and spice up your lobby area!

Lost Atlantis Skyblock Spawn | Team Visionary Store

Lost Atlantis Skyblock Spawn

Get your skyblock server out more quickly with our high-quality amazing skyblock spawn! BONUS starter island included.

Colorful Skywars 3 Pack | Team Visionary Store

Colorful Skywars 3 Pack

Get your colorful skywars pack today to quick start your new skywars server!

Medieval Skies Skyblock Bundle | Team Visionary Store

Medieval Skies Skyblock Bundle

Get your medieval themed skyblock server off in the skies with our Medieval Skies Skyblock Bundle!

Medieval Bay Hub | Team Visionary Build Shop

Medieval Bay Hub

Make your hub come to life with this Medieval-themed hub! Features are:

  • 250×250 hub build
  • 8 NPC podiums
  • Spacious areas for exploration, holograms and other items
  • Built for 1.12.2
Fantastical Factions Bundle | Team Visionary Store

Fantastical Factions Bundle

A fully fledged factions spawn consisting of a 350×350 spawn + warzone, 50×50 end and nether spawn and a 75×75 outpost. Perfect for servers looking for a high quality fantasy themed faction build.

Dragon Hub | Team Visionary Store

Dragon Hub

Version: 1.8, Size: 300×300

Sands of Time | Team Visionary Store

Sands of Time

Indulge yourself in our Roman-inspired factions map, Sands of Time! This spawn is feature packed with some of the best features around including areas for crates, NPCs, rule boards, portals, a warzone, 4 KoTHs, outposts, nether and end spawns and so much more!

Bright Orange | Team Visionary Store

Bright Orange

Jump right into our fantasy build, bright orange! This HCF spawn and map contains everything you need for an HCF server. Increased ore generation, places for crates, NPCs and plenty more!

Prison Escape | Team Visionary Store

Prison Escape

Need a fully build prison? Not a problem! Prison Escape is our fully featured prison build with 26 mines, a spawn, wood mine, warzone, a donor mine and so much more!


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